An original Italian recipe
handed down from one generation to the next

Su Guttiau is the original, traditional flat bread carasau enjoyed by Sardinian shepherds,adapted to the needs and preferences of modern times

Su Guttiau

For those who want the very best, and then want to exaggerate

A bucket of Su Guttiau is the ideal companion for those moments when you want to share the fragrant joys of a traditional recipe with friends. It is the format best suited to needs of bars and restaurants.

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Su Guttiau is a simple snack, but one of the utmost quality

A recipe that best exalts the flavors and aromas of Sardinia’s amazing produce


Grazie! un gusto raffinato e autentico, siete veramente l’originale! come da tradizione Sarda! W LA SARDEGNA!!!
Rita Fadda, Cliente
Trovarvi a Londra da carluccios è stato emozionante! grazie :D 
Francesco Argiolas, Cliente
Anche a Milano mangiamo Su Guttiau l’originale sardo, Ajooo!
Elena Morbidelli
Al mare non può mancare!!!!
Giovanna Armas, Cliente


The bucket of Su Guttiau is the ideal companion for those who want to share with their friends the fragrance of a traditional recipe.
This is thesuitable format to satisfy the needs of bartenders and restaurant owners.


Soft and tasty, perfectly sweet: traditional Sardinian biscuits are ideal for breakfast and breaks alike.
They keep the fragrance of freshly baked products and the authenticity of local products used as ingredients.


The shepherd’s bread stands the test of time and change of taste: it is the symbol of Sardinian traditional cuisine.
The recipe of the Oliena workshops keeps all the secrets of Barbagia and to date Carasau is prepared the same way as our grandmothers did.